The Monster Tour in New York

Marijuana in the air, beer in our right hand, planes over our heads, music filling our ears and rap beats in our hearts: this is how I would describe shortly my first concert in New York.

I bought tickets in August for the Monster Tour with Rihanna and Eminem in the spotlight. I also got to spend 24h in New York as a bonus. I paid 95$ through agency and apparently the real price was only 60$.

MetLife Stadium is enormous, so from the beginning I was impressed by the size of it. At some point, I was wondering if it is gonna be full of people. Since it is an open stadium and one airport was close to it, at every 5-10min an airplane could be seen over our heads, giving me that “dreams come true” feeling.

Metlife Stadium
A part of Metlife Stadium one hour before the concert

Even if I was feeling tremendous, I could not help myself but notice few little imperfections. The show was scheduled to begin at 7:30pm in New Jersey, New York. It began at 8:10pm. Rihanna was beautiful that night and worn chilled clothes (a bit surprising), but with the exceptions of 2 or 3 songs, she had not sang more than 60 secs of any song. It was annoying to hear just 1min of your favourite song. Or any other song. Her backup choir sang most of the concert, not her. At the end, her “I had the fun of my life, thank you NYC” seemed really insincere, considering that her side of the concert was somehow boring and she looked bored.

Eminem on the other side… well, I read recently that Jay-Z said Eminem is the most overrated rapper in history. I think he meant “underrated”. I bought tickets for Rihanna and I returned as an Eminem fan. When he was singing all stadium was on its feet, dancing and yelling. When he was holding the microphone, everybody seemed fucked up.

They sang together “Love the way you lie”, “The monster” and they made a cool cover of “Airplanes”.

P.S.: never knew he has a tattoo on his abs

Until next time a poor quality video with Eminem singing:

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