Bitter-Sweet Letter to my Non-Travelled Friends

My close friends and relatives are telling me it`s the time to settle down, get an “adult” job and get into a serious relationship. But the reality is: I DON’T WANNA!

I`m in my twenties, I feel I can move mountains at 3 am and then still have energy to do laundry and some research for my dissertation. Every time I was getting a low grade in school, my mom was telling me it didn`t matter if there was other children getting lower grades than me, so why should I care now that you got married after highschool?

Why should I settle for the traditional way of doing things? I don`t want to live my life in weekends and in two weeks work leave per year – cool that your sister can do it, I cannot.

The Wild is Calling

I`ve been told I will never make it to a British university (I did). I`ve been told being a doubled major would be too hard and I`ll switch in my freshman year (I didn`t). I`ve been told I am a victim just because I prefer to think rationally than act impulsive to feed my ego. Just because you think you cannot do something, doesn`t mean I am not capable of it.

And I know being alone scares you to death. Alone in a room or single – for you, both are terrifying. But I`m not afraid of myself, nor of my thoughts. While you were chasing boys in middle school and highschool, I over analysed myself (one of the perks of being an introvert) and I am aware of who I am and I am confident when I say I don`t regret a single decision I made in this life (mostly because they were my own). I don`t have those awkward moments before sleep, when every bad decision ever taken flashes before my eyes either. So maybe “it`s not good to be alone, you start having thoughts” was not an inspired thing to say, lad. Don`t project your fears on me.

I get it. We have “16 and pregnant” streaming live everywhere and here I am, 21 – still not pregnant. Don`t even begin with the “love and freedom is not compatible”, because I already had it and it`s beautiful and I pity anyone who still believe this non-sense. I`m happy for your two years long relationship with that girl you don`t respect, but don`t feel sorry for me, I don`t need it. My choices are different than yours and I have never envied you, while you always sigh watching my Instagram feed and like my 34 weeks old photos from that “holiday” in States.

Definition of happiness I`m living my vida loca while I`m young and fierce. I`m sure I`ll have time for those wrinkles in five years. For scoliosis too. I can work 20h per day if I enjoy the view of my life, so accusing me of being a lousy employee is not viable. Crying over phone every other evening complaining how harsh the boss is and how boring the working environment is, won`t be something you`ll hear me doing.

Truth to be told, I don`t want an adult life. I can understand that you think having a 9 to 5 job, owing a car your parents paid for and not eating meal deals from Tesco is considered an “adult life”, so why can`t you understand that I don`t share your opinion? My adult life is all about freedom, short term creative projects and moving countries. It’s probably your big ego again, not letting you see that I don’t need advice about how to walk into an airport from a person who took less than 5 flights in their whole life.

Mom, don`t worry, it`s not like in communism anymore. I`ll be working from a library with a hot white chocolate near by and there are crazy enough people to pay me. I`ll be fine and I`m still your little baby, never growing up (haven`t thought I`ll take it literally, huh?).

Don`t worry for me, I`m ready to take off. Go ahead and tell me how I`m not gonna make it, that I`m naive or even better, say “we`ll see about that” in a bitter tone – I`ll make sure to send you a postcard from my next adventure in a place you cannot pronounce.

2Until next time, be sure you are not the one putting down someone else`s dreams with your weaknesses and fears. Karma always comes around. If you have a traveler heart, don`t give in to intruders – you know what`s better for you, even when you`re wrong! Jump the lights and dive into culture!

If you are ready to go in your next adventure be sure to check my last blog post about it or check 10 useful things I (re)discovered the third time visiting Turkey.

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3 thoughts on “Bitter-Sweet Letter to my Non-Travelled Friends

  1. This is so true. Why people feel the need to decided what is best for someone else really bugs me, being wary is one thing but that should always come with being supportive. No need to hold anyone back from their dreams 🙂


  2. I’ve been contemplating writing a post about this for so long… I couldn’t agree more with your points! You really can’t live your life through the eyes of someone else, you have to live it for you! 🙂


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