Beaches in Northumbria

No one would compare the Northern beaches with those from Greece or Thailand, but they have their own fierce and wild charm.

After 3 years of living in North of England and spending most of my free time of on either one of its beaches, I have two favorites: one for its charismatic sunsets and the other one for its untamed views and stories.

Roker Beach

I`m lucky my university is few minutes away from this beach, so whenever the weather is sunny (not so often) I go to the beach and breath in the salty air. In mid winter you can also find me here hunting Northern Lights.


Marsden Grotto Beach

I`ve discovered this beach when I had to do a news piece about haunted places in region. It is said this place used to be the house of thieves and ghosts still wander around at night.

Marsden Grotto Beach

It has its name from the Marsden Grotto pub, which as you enter it feels as you get inside of a system of caves.

The story starts with a miner  – the first owner, that needed a home and wanted to start a business and decided this place is one of the best. After he started the pub, fugitives would seek a hideout here since it`s an easy escape to the sea and has numerous caves around.

As the years passed by, the pub has been closed, reopened, sold to others and so on. And yet other numerous stories with night attacks and murderers seeking a host here have been born.

Marsden Grotto Beach

Call me childish, but a story is always welcomed!



Until next time, find about the story behind the Parisian Catacombs. A blogger told me the Catacombs from Peru are scarier since they are full with Incan ghosts. Somehow I find 6 millions of Parisian ghosts (some of them dead in Parisian revolutions with their blood on fire) just as scary!

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10 thoughts on “Beaches in Northumbria

  1. We’ve been based in England (Cambridge) for 6 months now and have ben looking for things to do around here before we leave (we’ve been flying off so much and not enjoying where we are enough). Would love to go visit these beaches this summer!


  2. Marsden Grotto Beach looks fantastic! Exactly what I love about rough northern nature. I was in England and Scotland last year, and your post just made me want to go again! 🙂


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