Terrorism is NOT NORMAL

This is the 5th bomb attack since July 2015 in Turkey and western media is silent about this.

I`m getting angry now with every “Turkey is a Muslim country, it was never safe there” from people who never went abroad. Ignorance is a declaration towards war and I`m tired of explaining to you how my second home is a very safe place and this is terrifying for them as they have no idea how to handle this since is not `a normal thing`.

Credit to: @Believe__Pray (Twitter)

I hate it! I hate to go again and again to ask my Turkish friend if they are alright, just hoping they are alive and haven`t decided to take the bus to university or go shopping in the wrong day.

And I hate even more how the number of tweets started to grow after Turkish Police reported two Irish citizens were among deaths, like the rest of the people don`t count. It is the 11th terrorist attack in the last three months in Turkey. Where is the red flag on your profile pictures?

Turkish people don’t talk Arabic, they don’t use Arabic alphabet and they are not Arabs. They are not Europeans either. It`s the perfect mix of cultures and understanding. For a wondering soul, this is the perfect home.

On the 2016 World Countries Awards, Turkey has been voted the Best Country in the World and the Nicest People on the Planet. Now tell me again how they deserve what they got.

My second home is not a terrorism nest, nor a disaster waiting to happen. They`re facing a big refugee crisis as Greece is and are trying to do their best.

I`ve been in most of those places where the bombs exploded and I feel chills on my spine every time I`m thinking about those moments. What if the bus would have exploded while I was waiting for it? What if the suicide bomb attack was near the shop I used to go for sales?

Call on all for zero tolerance to terrorism.


 Please convince yourself and read my post about the last time I`ve been visiting Turkey. Every idiot has an opinion, so inform yourself, search through multiple sources and be firm on your beliefs before vocalizing ignorance.

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2 thoughts on “Terrorism is NOT NORMAL

  1. You are so right! Terrorism is not normal. Istanbul is such a wonderful city and the people there are amazing. I only got to visit it once, but I have several friends who grew up and lived there. Turkey is the anti-theses of terrorism, a place where so many religions and cultures co-exist and live with each other peacefully. Terrorism is not something they, or anybody else should expect or deserve. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I’ll keep you and beautiful Istanbul in my thoughts. Stay safe and strong through this difficult time.


  2. I am so glad to see this post. We cycle toured in Turkey last fall for six weeks and met the most wonderful people we have ever met in our lives. The Turks are kind, hospitable, and generous. I had a woman rub arnica on my back when I strained it carrying our trailer down some stairs and many put aside their Muslim beliefs about dogs in the home to accommodate us who travel with our dog.

    We never once felt in danger in Turkey, despite arriving after a bombing in Ankara and traveling during the most recent election. The media can say all they want about how dangerous a place is, but you never know until you visit how wrong they are.


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