Follow my steps in Morocco

What do you do when you`re stressed?

Listen music? Go out with your friends? Drink a beer? Watch your favorite TV show on repeat?

I go on and book a flight.

Simple like that. This was the case few months ago when I had to write my dissertation in Online Marketing at the end of three years of university in England.

It was a rainy night, like most of them, and I was talking with a friend. I was a student, so I was financially broke. I started to look for cheap flights to somewhere, anywhere that wouldn`t require a visa for me.

I told my friend I was about to do something crazy, so he joined me and we had bought return plane tickets from London to Morocco!

Later, I had figured out an itinerary and a purpose: to visit all UNESCO sites (and a bit extra) from Morocco in two weeks.

Therefore our itinerary was:

Starting in Essaouira, heading to Marrakesh and to Ouarzazate to visit Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, spending a night in Sahara Desert in Merzouga, then getting our share of culture in Fes, Meknes, Volubilis, visiting the blue city Chefchaouen and heading North to Tetouan and Tangier and to the capital Rabat, with our final stops in Casablanca and El Jadida before returning to Rabat and taking the plane back to London – our plan easn`t easy.

Our accommodation was based on kind people from couchsurfing and airbnb and for our transport we had relied on Supratours bus company and ONCF train company.

Three people backpacking through Morocco for two weeks visiting 13 locations. What could go wrong?



This is the the story of how my Moroccan adventure had begun!

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8 thoughts on “Follow my steps in Morocco

  1. I love that you were able to book a trip to Morocco when you were stressed! I was so broke after college it took me a few years to save up for any trips, but props to those who have that ability and go for it! I really want to go to Morocco so it will be great to see updates from your trip! Have an awesome time!


  2. What an adventure! I am looking forward to reading all about your trip on other posts and may follow some of your itinerary when I drive over from Spain one of these days!


  3. That sounds like an awesome adventure. I wish I could just get up, take a plane and fly somewhere. I usually do something similar like a short roadtrip to nearby cities or provinces. I also wait for long weekends to go abroad like my upcoming Sri Lanka trip (still waiting for the e-visa though).

    Morocco sounds like a great place to go. I would definitely need a visa…which is the main thing that stops me from traveling (and of course my full-time job). My mom already thinks I travel too much and to “strange” destinations.


    1. I live in Europe, so for me taking a plane is like a road trip in another state to you, I guess. When I say cheap, I meant it! The return plane ticket costed me like $50 or something. Stay safe


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