Follow my steps: Sunrise in Sahara

While our crazy minds have considered wandering through Sahara and living the journey like true nomads (like this whole trip through Morocco was), our wise conscious have won and we have used Quiet Merzouga company to spend one night in desert, to sandboard and for camel trek.

The Moroccan Sahara might be one of the most accessible points towards the African desert. For me, it was a 13 long hours bus journey through the High Atlas mountains. While the mountains were gorgeous, the road after rain and hailstones – not so much.


I would return to Morocco solely to photograph these mountains – with a convertible car and a better camera!

And about our camp in Merzouga? That`s another story, so get comfortable and let me change your perceptions, because we surely had not expect the luxury we got.

Can you spot our camp?


It`s those little black dots from center right!

First, Quiet Merzouga has the maximum stars on TripAdvisor and not a single bad review. These, along with the fact that it was the most affordable offer I had found only for those services (2 meals, 1 night in desert, sandboarding and camel trekking) made me choose them.

 We have arrived in the evening in Merzouga bus station where a car was ready to take us to the desert camp.

And after half hour wild ride through dunes we were there!

First thing I have noticed is the stary sky! I can see everything so clear. In this moment, counting all the stars on the sky doesn`t seem impossible anymore as they were laying in front of my eyes.  And the moon is an enormous giant among all those little white stars.

And what could be even better than this? A luxury tent with clean sheets, toilet and shower inside – no, I`m not joking about crucial things! I`ve never expected to find such water luxury in the desert.

But the best moments from my experience in Sahara? The sunrise:


It has been around 5am when we got our wake up call and by 6am the sun is up in the sky. It has been incredible how fast it rised. Either we have been stunned and haven`t noticed how time passed OR it has moved faster due to the Morocco position on Earth and physics things.


It has been one of those things I haven`t put on my bucket list (how have i missed it?) but I understand why so many are travelling to a desert or living near a desert and I have a whole new respect for desert nomads.

After we spend an hour just admiring the sunrise and writing our names in the sand, we are proceeding to the active part: sandboarding – which is really not that easy as it looks, as I have found out.

The bad part of this day? We have been so busy having fun that we have missed our camel ride back in town!


But we have ended up walking back and let`s be honest, how many tourists have you heard bragging about walking through Sahara for few hours? Yep, none on my side either.

PS: It is true that is cold in the desert during the night, but I will say that in May, in that night, the temperature hasn`t been lower that 15 degrees Celsius and it has been chilly in the morning.



Until next time, when I`ll report from the royal city of Meknes…

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9 thoughts on “Follow my steps: Sunrise in Sahara

    1. Sorry, I hit enter too soon but yes to this post. I went to Morocco a few years ago and did the whole Atlas mountains drive and then the night in the Sahara. It stands out as one of the best trips to date! How could you not be in awe in the presence of such a sunrise?


  1. You do have the bragging rights of walking through the Sahara for a few hours!
    There is something similar like this in Dubai but it’s crazy expensive so I wasn’t able to try it out. Between Dubai and your experience, I think yours would be much better. Too bad you missed the sunrise, your photo still looked gorgeous though!


  2. This looks incredible and definitely something I would love to do. I loved seeing your camp in the larger photo where you just looked like dots. Gave such great perspective to the enormous desert you’re staying in. Thanks for sharing this – loved it.


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