24h of Pizza in Milan

Why choose Milan? Is just an industrial city with nothing to see.

Said some bad mouthed people. I might not be an Italian lover, but I`ve found the South in this Northern town. I found art, fashion and delicious food! But let me start with the beginning:

Buongiorno, Italia!

This was my first time in Italy and these are 3 MUST THINGS TO DO IN MILAN:

1. Eat at Spontini!

One of the highlights of this trip was eating pizza at Spontini. I ate pizza in different places while in Milan, but none was as good as the one in Spontini.

Fluffy base, orgasmic stretching cheese and real tomato feeling – yes, I might have fallen in love!

It worth every coin I`ve spent on it!

Don`t drool over the keyboard!

2. Head to Museo del Novecento

Museo del Novencento

The museum of modern art is a must see in every new city I visit. Helps you take a peek in the mind of youth artists from that country.

In this case, the museum won`t disappoint your artistic tastes, even if you might get a bit lost in it.

It offers a different view over Duomo and it`s crowd free!

The museum has several paintings of Picasso and other famous Italian painters/sculptors.

One of my favorite artists present here is Umberto Boccioni. Keep your eyes open for him!

PS: free entrance if you`re an EU citizen under 25 years old.

PPS: you`ll need to leave your backpack locked at the entrance.

3. Aperitivo in Navigli District

After 7pm, Canali is the place you need to be. Spend €10 for a cocktail and then eat as much as you can since it`s open buffet!

There are several restaurants which offers Happy Hour discounts, but in the southern part of the city, you can also enjoy the buzzing crowd and the gorgeous view over the river from several bridges which cross it.

Sforza Castle at Sunset


#Bonus I wish I knew about:

  1. Dance in the street

Since clubs are very expensive, two groups of tango and folk dance crews decided to organize impromptu dance parties on the streets of Milan at night.

I think it`s such a incredible idea for strangers to join and dance together as old friends under a starry sky *insert further romantic scenes here*!

Locations are kept secret, but two of the most poplar venues are in Piazza Affari and in the courtyard of Palazzo della Regione. You can find more on their Facebook group – Mazurka Klandestina’s FB group.

A friend told me about it AFTER I returned from Milan.

        2. Local Markets 

There are local markets every day in different neighborhood and every Saturday on Fiera di Senigallia – a popular retro flea market.

You can find everything from food and a new pet to clothes, shoes and home repair.

        3. You will fight against pollution even if you don`t want to!

The law doesn`t allow companies that provides heat to the population to turn it on before 15th October to help reducing the pollution.

Which is a good thing and at least in Europe, in most of the countries you won`t have heat before October if you`re linked to the common heating system anyway (although there is no law to forbid it).

But if you are a soaked wet tourist shivering form cold and your rented apartment doesn`t have a private heating system, you might not appreciate it!


  • If you plan taking the metro as the main way of transport on a short stay in Milan, I recommend taking a 24h metro card which costs €4.5 (a single trip is €1.5).
  • You`ll find the best pizza in town at Spontini (€3 the cheapest). You can find one on a lateral side in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, next to Duomo. Thank me later.

    Spontini Menu



Until next time, you might want to read about a more warmer place where rain rarely touch you and you have an infinite beach! Reporting from Sahara, let me tell you about that sunrise!

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12 thoughts on “24h of Pizza in Milan

  1. Crazy that people said you shouldn’t go to Milan. I have been twice and loved it. Alot of the city was destroyed or bombed so that’s why alot of it looks newer as well. I love the Duomo there and if you plan ahead you can see The Last Supper at Santa Maria Delle Grazie! Looks like you had a brief, but amazing visit!


  2. Ahhh this reminds me of when I spent 48 hours in Milan while studying abroad (couldn’t beat the 20 euro RT tickets from Madrid). It was in November and FREEZING. So agree with apertivo. I met up with a Milan-born friend who made it her mission to show me around, and the first thing she did was take me to apertivo. While the spritzer wasn’t my thing, all the FOOD was. Wish I had known about Spontini! We went to an all you can eat pizza place, but when I went to search it recently, it looks like it closed down.

    Also Milan is definitely not as scenic as, say, other parts of Italy, but wow was seeing that duomo in person quite a sight!


  3. It’s over twenty years since I went to Milan and I hated it because of the pollution. I’d love to return to visit the Duomo properly so I think any attempts to cut pollution must be good. I guess it is a good idea to take plenty of layers though,


  4. I so want to return to Milan. I was there for a few hours, but pretty much only saw the embassy because my friend’s passport was stolen on a train between Rome and Venice (long story). I love all of your suggestions — pizza at Spontini, the modern art museum and the drinks (and buffet) at Canali sounds like a great way to wind down a day. Of course, I’d also love to see some of that dancing in the street, too! Time to go back under less dire circumstances!


  5. Oh, that pizza looks HEAVENLY! I have only ever really heard good things about Milan, so I’m surprised to hear people would tell you not to go there – thankfully you didn’t pay any attention to them. I didn’t know that about the heating not being allowed on until October 15, crazy!


  6. I’d say that the food in Milan is worth the trip, and it sounds like you hit all the best spots! Can’t wait to head back to Milan!


  7. I’ve been to Italy twice and never made it to Milan, but I would definitely love to go! I love Italian pizza though, and my favorite in Italy is the pesto pizza at Gusta Pizza in Florence – so yummy! Too bad you missed out on dancing in the streets! That’s definitely a tip I wrote down for ‘next time’.


  8. I haven’t been to Italy yet and Milan is actually one on my list to visit in the country. I think there is something unique also on this place and I agree with your thoughts and oh by the why, Milan is famous in the country from where I am.


  9. Ahh, you totally had me at the combination of ‘pizza’ and ‘Milan’! The museum sounds amazing (must visit before the UK leaves the EU and I can no longer visit for free *sob*). Also, amazing views over the Duomo- who knew!


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